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Flexible Unsecured Business Loans

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Unsecured Business Loans

Realising your business potential could be made easier with Pegasus Finance business loans. Our flexible options and knowledgeable team are here to help you succeed.

Mainstream banks are often less than helpful when you really need them and the cost of overdraft facilities is often prohibitive therefore finding an alternative is important to many business owners.

A large unsecured loan can sometimes be more flexible than a secured option and can be used for a variety of purposes including capital expenditure, cash flow and growth capital. Whether you are looking to refurbish premises, buy more stock or cover the expansion of your sales team, this could be a quick and easy solution, resulting in funds transferred into your account within a few days.

We can provide your business with a loan from £5,000 to £350,000 and this can be repaid over a term of between 6 months to 5 years in order to keep the repayments affordable. Being unsecured there is no requirement for a debenture over your company or security over property but the lender may look for a personal guarantee to reassure them.

Interest rates start from 4.0% per annum and the loan can be repaid at any time, without being penalised by early settlement penalties.

Complete our application form (only take two minutes), we will review it and then a dedicated advisor will speak to you directly to compare the options available to you.

Loan Benefits

Unsecured loans of £5,000 – £350,000

Interest rates from 4.0% pa

No early settlement penalties

Loan for any business purpose

Secured loan options available

Business Loans For Start Ups

Pegasus Finance provide Start Up Loans of £5,000 to £350,000 to entrepreneurs launching new business ventures. A Start Up Business Loan is traditionally offered as an unsecured option therefore can be used for any business related purpose. Whether you are looking to refit a retail space, buy new stock or employ additional staff, an unsecured business start up loan may be the perfect solution. If however, you wish to purchase a new piece of machinery, a vehicle or other asset, you may also be in a position to receive a secured loan.

The process of applying for one of our Business Start Up Loans couldn’t be easier. We simply require a small amount of information about you and your business, we’ll then be able to ask one of our in-house experts to call you directly to understand your personal requirements. We’ll them approach our panel of leading lenders to find the best and most affordable option to suit your requirements.

If you decide an unsecured loan would be the most suitable option for you, the funds can be transferred to your bank account by the following day. Secured options are a little more time consuming but packages are typically completed within a week, so no long delays.


Compare Loans

  • This can be approximate and can be changed later. Minimum loan value £2,500
    Please enter a value greater than or equal to 2500.
  • What is the finance for?