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Agricultural Finance

From tractors to combines, drills to livestock, our agricultural finance packages are all encompassing, making your life easier.

Pegasus Finance are a specialist broker with great experience, understanding the requirements of UK farmers. Whether you are looking to buy new equipment or have cash injection requirements, speak to us today.

Farming Machinery Finance

Operating a profitable farm in the UK today can be a struggle to all, including the most experienced of farming families.

Pegasus Finance are open minded, forward thinking and clearly not your traditional finance broker. We have you and your farm’s interests at heart and finding the best finance option to suit your needs is our priority. As a broker, we have no bias towards lending out our own money, we purely concentrate our efforts on finding you the best agricultural finance agreements.

With a wide array of agricultural finance options at our disposal, both secured and unsecured, we listen to your requirements and then present the most suitable. We’re certainly not of the mind that one size fits all, our experienced team of advisors will make every effort to secure a great loan to exceed your expectations.

Agricultural Finance Purposes

Tractors & ATVs

Harvesting machinery

Drilling & planting machinery

Livestock purchase

Livestock handling equipment

Irrigation systems

Farm security

…and much more.

Compare Loans

  • This can be approximate and can be changed later. Minimum loan value £2,500
    Please enter a number greater than or equal to 2500.
  • What is the finance for?

General Farming Loans

Due to holding great relationships with the UK’s leading agricultural finance lenders, we are very versatile when it comes to lending. Financing a new tractor or seed drill is easy but many traditional lenders will shy away from certain assets and unsecured loans.

Pegasus Finance understand the requirements of farmers and whether you wish to refinance machinery, need new fencing erected around a boundary or a cash injection to settle a tax bill, speak to us. Our experience and relationships with our lenders means nothing is out of the question. So long as you can afford the repayments, we will endeavour to secure you a great deal.

6 Benefits Of Using Us

Good Reasons To Use Us

Long established & respected finance broker

5 Star customer feedback

Regulated and approved by the FCA

We compare the finance deals, so you don’t have to

We often approve applications others have declined

Competitive interest rates

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

With a wide array of finance products at our disposal the limits of our lending are almost non-existent. Being registered and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Pegasus Finance are obliged to provide the best advice and our relationships with leading lenders enables us to secure great agricultural finance products with low interest rates.

After your initial contact with us we will allocated a dedicated advisor who will guide you every step of the way. We will listen to your requirements and objectives, present these to the most suitable lenders and present a good case for finance to be allocated. Generally within a few hours we present the best agricultural loans available to meet your needs and you then have as long as you need to consider the options. These may include both secured and unsecured options.

Equipment Refinance

If your business owns machinery, equipment or vehicles that are fully or partly paid for, then why not release capital from them to use in other parts of your business?

Equipment refinance can be a great way of unlocking cash, based on the value of assets you already own, in turn providing additional working capital.

Pegasus can refinance a wide range of assets and equipment including anything from vehicles to machinery. So long as the asset still has a reasonable value then there is every chance that we can help you raise the funding you require.

Providing a lender security in your equipment is very reassuring and means the chance of acceptance is much higher than other forms of funding, so even if you have been turned down by your bank this should be a good option for your business.

Fast And Tax Efficient

Providing the asset has a reasonable value and you can prove you own it, refinancing your equipment is a fast way of releasing money tied up in your business.

An initial decision in principle can usually be obtained within a few hours and pay out can be received in 24 hours.

Refinancing is also generally 100% tax deductible and your accountant should be able to offset the payments against your current tax liabilities.