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Supplier Finance

Offering competitive & flexible finance to your customers in addition to cash options can significantly improve your sales figures and customer relations.

With a long history and vast knowledge of consumer/commercial finance we are the perfect partners to provide great finance packages to your customers, whilst offering five star quality of service and real time reporting.

Why Pegasus Finance?

Same Day Payouts

Encourage Repeat Business

Overcome Budget Restraints

Simple Process

High Approval Rate

FCA Compliant

Same Day Payments

No need to chase invoices as in most cases you’ll receive payment for the goods at the time of sale. This improves your cashflow and therefore efficiency of your business.

When a customer takes out a secured finance option, traditional payment terms are negated as you will receive the funds directly to your bank account at the time of purchase. No need to wait for payment, no need to chase overdue invoices.

Encourage Repeat Business

Providing payment options to your customers not only increases the likelihood of them purchasing goods and services from you initially but in addition they are more likely to approach you when the time comes to replace with newer equipment.

Overcome Budget Restraints

When it comes to the purchase of new equipment or goods customers are often restrained by the budget available to them. By offering financial options to them, the restraints are reduced meaning the customer is more likely to make larger purchases and therefore there’s an opportunity to upsell.

Company Status

Limited Company

Limited Liability Partnership

Sole Trader


Commercial Loans

Finance Lease

Hire Purchase

Unsecured Loan

Balloon Payment

Simple Process

With speedy E-signatures and digital documentation, the process of offering commercial finance is extremely simple. There’s no need to become embroiled in piles of paperwork, we take care of everything from communicating with the customer to, handling documentation to paying the funds.

High Approval Rate

With a good reputation in the UK finance industry we hold great relationships with a large panel of lenders, all with differing criteria. For this reason we are able to approve the majority of applications we receive and satisfy the customer with cost effective finance options.

FCA Compliant

Pegasus Finance is a finance broker fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The suppliers working in partnership with us are in the enviable position of being able to offer regulated and unregulated agreements, meaning you never turn away a customer due to their business status.