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News & Blog

UK consumers paying for unwanted subscriptions

27 November, 2017


UK consumers paid an average of £160 for unwanted subscriptions this summer, shows research byCitizens Advice. The research shows that 90% of people who requested cancelation of subscriptions were initially refused by the company. A study compiled by Citizens Advice […]

Bitcoin Hits New Highs

27 November, 2017

Bitcoin reaches new high

The virtual currency known as Bitcoin is at a record high of $9,700 after jumping 4.5% so far on Monday and 20% above the level it stood at on Friday, according to the Luxembourg-based Bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp. Virtual currencies are […]

Two Major Pharma Companies Invest in UK

27 November, 2017

UK Pharma investment

The government has said two deals to invest in the UK’s biotech industry illustrate confidence in its industrial strategy. MSD (known as Merck in North America) will support a new research centre in London creating around 950 new positions. Germany’s […]