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I’m a car dealer in Dorset and have an established independent dealership providing commercial vehicles. Our business is growing and profitable but we are being held back by not having enough cash to buy and stock more vehicles. I have done the sums and feel that if I could access a vehicle stocking loan of circa £150,000 we would easily be able to sell another ten vehicles a month which would more than cover the repayments on the loan. A car dealer friend of mine told me that you are able to help arrange vehicle stocking loans so I thought I would approach you to find out more.

Thanks for contacting us and thank you to your friend for recommending us to you for vehicle stocking loans.

Having enough cash available in the motor trade is always a juggling act and often having access to a vehicle stocking loan is a no brainer when you compare the charges involved to the extra profit that can be made from the additional sales.

Pegasus Finance work closely with specialist lenders who are happy to help car dealers with a track record and who can afford the monthly payments. Generally we will require your last set of accounts and 3 months bank statements to get something in place. The whole process only takes a few days so that you can get on with making the extra money work for you.

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