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Do you offer tractor finance? I’m looking to purchase a used tractor from an online dealer. David.

Hi David,

Thank you for the enquiry into used tractor finance options. Pegasus Finance are versatile in the type of agricultural machinery we finance and the age is also not an issue.

New tractor finance is easy to arrange, often in the form of a standard hire purchase agreement is the best option. For used tractors your options are slightly more restricted but still totally viable. Secured finance options for tractors are generally available for those up to around 10 years of age, anything over that it may be more sensible to arrange an unsecured finance option.

I would suggest you contact one of our experienced finance advisors, speak to them about financing a used tractor and the options available to you will be compared. Even if you have approached the bank about financing a tractor and they are less helpful, give us a call – versatile is our middle name. Read more here or contact us on 0800 0662882, alternatively you can complete our simple application form and we’ll get back to you without delay.

Kind regards,

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