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Dears Sirs, I have been recommended to you by a good friend and am after some help with sourcing a business loan to help pay a corporation tax bill. We had a reasonable year in 2016 and have to find £120k by January but I have used this money to buy a few vehicles required to expand on a good contract that we have. If you could arrange finance to cover the CT we could easily afford to repay this back over a couple of years. Please let me know whether you think you can help.Regards, Emma.

Hi Emma. Thanks for your email and thanks to your friend for recommending us!

At Pegasus Finance we work closely with specialist lenders who understand the ebb and flow of cashflow within a business, especially if you have used your cash to take advantage of an opportunity to expand the contract that you mentioned.

We can arrange tax loans of up to £350k to cover situations just like yours so I see no problem in arranging a funding solution for you to cover your corporation tax bill for £150k. We would be delighted to help so why not complete our online business loan application form and we will contact you asap. Alternatively you can phone one of our knowledgable commercial loan advisors on 0800 066 2882 to make a application over the phone.

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