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We are looking for a 100% LTV commercial mortgage for a factory unit that we want to buy for our company to move into. I have searched around and not found a mortgage company that offer a 100% commercial mortgage and most of them require a deposit of around 30% which we don’t have at the moment as all of our cash is tied up in stock which we need. I heard that you might be able to help us with sourcing a business loan to cover the 30% deposit which would enable us to complete the purchase. Our business has been going over 5years now and I am happy to provide company accounts or bank statements to show that we could afford the combined payment. Can you let me know if this is something you can help with and what the monthly payments would work out to.

Thanks for your email and your question about 100% commercial mortgages. This is a common issue for companies who are asked to come up with sizeable deposits in order to purchase commercial properties.

The banks who provide the mortgages normally have quite strict guidelines and are very risk adverse meaning they want large deposits just incase you do not meet the repayments and they have to sell on your commercial property to get their money back.

Pegasus Finance works closely with lenders who are more flexible and understand that profitable businesses often have their capital tied up in other assets or stock and can’t easily find the deposit required. As long as the combined payments are affordable and both lenders are made aware of the total borrowing then there is no reason why we couldn’t help you achieve your goal of purchasing the factory unit that you have your eye on.

If you were to contact one of our finance advisors and explain that you were hoping to borrow the commercial property deposit of 30% they will guide you through the process. Alternatively you can apply online and we’ll contact you with the options and an idea of monthly payments.

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