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What is the Government’s Recovery Loan Scheme?

25 July, 2023

The Government’s Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) was launched in April 2021 to help UK businesses access finance as they recover and grow following the COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme aimed to help businesses affected by coronavirus and was used for almost […]

I’m a car dealer in Dorset and have an established independent dealership providing commercial vehicles. Our business is growing and profitable but we are being held back by not having enough cash to buy and stock more vehicles. I have done the sums and feel that if I could access a vehicle stocking loan of circa £150,000 we would easily be able to sell another ten vehicles a month which would more than cover the repayments on the loan. A car dealer friend of mine told me that you are able to help arrange vehicle stocking loans so I thought I would approach you to find out more.

29 November, 2017

Thanks for contacting us and thank you to your friend for recommending us to you for vehicle stocking loans. Having enough cash available in the motor trade is always a juggling act and often having access to a vehicle stocking […]

We are looking for a 100% LTV commercial mortgage for a factory unit that we want to buy for our company to move into. I have searched around and not found a mortgage company that offer a 100% commercial mortgage and most of them require a deposit of around 30% which we don’t have at the moment as all of our cash is tied up in stock which we need. I heard that you might be able to help us with sourcing a business loan to cover the 30% deposit which would enable us to complete the purchase. Our business has been going over 5years now and I am happy to provide company accounts or bank statements to show that we could afford the combined payment. Can you let me know if this is something you can help with and what the monthly payments would work out to.

29 November, 2017

Thanks for your email and your question about 100% commercial mortgages. This is a common issue for companies who are asked to come up with sizeable deposits in order to purchase commercial properties. The banks who provide the mortgages normally […]

Dears Sirs, I have been recommended to you by a good friend and am after some help with sourcing a business loan to help pay a corporation tax bill. We had a reasonable year in 2016 and have to find £120k by January but I have used this money to buy a few vehicles required to expand on a good contract that we have. If you could arrange finance to cover the CT we could easily afford to repay this back over a couple of years. Please let me know whether you think you can help.Regards, Emma.

16 November, 2017

Hi Emma. Thanks for your email and thanks to your friend for recommending us! At Pegasus Finance we work closely with specialist lenders who understand the ebb and flow of cashflow within a business, especially if you have used your […]

Dear Pegasus. I wanted to find out whether you thought you could help my company arrange finance to purchase a couple of coaches for my tour business. The coaches I am looking are Iveco Beulas Stergo models both have 70 seats and are low mileage for their age which is about 15 years old. For their age they are in great condition, they have been regularly maintained and I don’t see the point in spending more on newer models when these can be purchased for around £20k each. However I have tried to get quotes for coach finance from other companies and I have been told that because of their age I can probably only finance them over a couple of years which is making the monthly payment quite high. We have also only been going a couple of years which also seems to be a problem for some of the coach finance lenders. I have been in the industry all my life and we have the opportunity of new contracts but clearly we need new coaches to satisfy demand! Can you help me with some advice please. James.

16 November, 2017

Hi James. Thanks for you enquiry and it’s good to hear that business is going well. It sounds like your search for coach finance has been a little frustrating so far but I believe you have come to the right […]

Unsecured business loans – I need to borrow £220,000, can you help?

16 November, 2017

Hello, Thank you for your brief message. We need more information to provide you with an accurate answer. Pegasus Finance offer unsecured business loans up to £350,000 at very competitive rates, but we need to find out more about you […]

I am looking for a business start-up loan, can you help? Ben Jenkins

16 November, 2017

Hi Ben, Thank you for your enquiry into business start up loans with Pegasus Finance. I think the best course of action is for us to speak on the phone so we can collect specific information about the business you […]

Do you offer tractor finance? I’m looking to purchase a used tractor from an online dealer. David.

17 October, 2017

Hi David, Thank you for the enquiry into used tractor finance options. Pegasus Finance are versatile in the type of agricultural machinery we finance and the age is also not an issue. New tractor finance is easy to arrange, often […]

I am starting up a new business. Can you provide finance to purchase a new van for the business?

9 October, 2017

Hi Sarah, Thanks for sending in a question about funding options for your new business. We are happy to provide finance for start up businesses, what type of business are you setting up? With regards to commercial loans for start […]

I am a retailer of used plant machinery, based in the West Midlands. Can you provide plant machinery finance for my customers?

9 October, 2017

Hi David, Thanks for contacting us about finance for used plant machinery you are selling. Pegasus Finance are regularly arranging used plant machinery finance, both secured and unsecured. You obviously recognise the benefits to offering your customers commercial finance options […]